Online 1-on-1 Spinal Flow Coaching

Cultivate your body's natural resilience via Online Spinal Flow coaching sessions to optimise self-care, reduce stress and strengthen immunity at the comfort of your own home!!

Duration: Approximately 50-60 minutes (please see note below on "Working with Children")


Health history - During your initial consultation for online Spinal Flow coaching, your Spinal Flow practitioner will compile a full case history of your symptoms and may ask you for additional information about your past and current health and lifestyle choices.

Our Spinal Flow coaching session, includes

  • Working with you to identify your past and current physical, chemical and emotional stressors and how you could manage, release or eliminate them.

  • Guidance and coaching on opening the key Spinal Flow gateways that affect your current health expression

  • Asking you questions that will help you the most, where applicable.

  • Guided breath work to support your innate ability to heal and spread ease in your body, where applicable.

Working with Children


Online Spinal Flow Coaching is not available to children we believe that children at different stages of development have different developmental approaches to healing (for example, individualised developmentally appropriate healing stories). We are open to working with parents to address on specific health concerns of their child, with minimal involvement from the child. If you are open to this option, please express your interest here, indicating that you would like us to address concerns relating to your child