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About Us

Connect . Release . Heal

RealEase is founded by husband and wife, David Thoo and Rowena Choo. Here's "Our Story"


We firmly believe that our body is designed to heal itself and our mission is to empower people to trust in their own innate ability to heal itself and connect with themselves as well as like-minded people, in order to build sustainable communities that supports life-long wellness and health. 


Spinal Flow Technique ("Spinal Flow") is a powerful yet gentle healing modality that facilitates healing via the nervous system and involves light touches on "access points", which consist of dura mater, without manipulation, popping or cracking of the spine. Spinal Flow facilitates a full rewiring of the brain and the body relearns what it already knew, to begin with — how to self-heal.


We have helped with clients recovery from  pain, stiffness, digestive issues, sleep issues, anxiety, headache, teeth grinding, hyperactivity, digestive issues, autism, self-regulation, eczema, inflammation issues, stress, tics, fibromyalgia, spinal issues and more. 

The beginning

Meet The Practitioners


Rowena Choo

As a certified Spinal Flow Technique ("Spinal Flow") practitioner, Rowena's approach involves building trust and partnering with her clients to identify the root cause of their health issues and support them with recommendations in respect of lifestyle changes, where applicable, to maintain well-being and health.

Rowena firmly believes that our body have an innate intelligence and thrives to touch lives by offering a warm and loving space for her clients to be empowered and heal. 

She has helped clients with pain, stiffness, digestive issues, sleep issues, anxiety, hyperactivity, allergies, teeth grinding, digestive issues, autism, tics, disc issues and more. 


Rowena also loves working with children in her practice and her experience with children includes volunteering at a children’s shelter, children wellness holiday programmes, facilitating her son’s special needs programme and home-schooling.


David Thoo

David is a certified Spinal Flow Technique (Spinal Flow) practitioner who has been practising since 2019. He believes in a holistic approach to health and enjoys sharing wellness living and eating tips with his clients.


He brings a unique combination of experience as a Forest School coach, facilitator of a home-based special needs program as well as homeschooling dad, to his Spinal Flow practice. His experiences strengthen his belief that connection to nature, our innate body’s intelligence as well as a safe and loving space, each plays an important role to our healing process.


David has been helping clients with sleep issues, headache, teeth grinding, anxiety, hyperactivity, self-regulation, eczema, inflammation issues, stress, tics, fibromyalgia, pain and more. He would love to help you live the life you want to live.

Our Story


“With Ease her body tuned and regulated. She found clarity in the flow of health. Tears held captive by the tense layer of our artificial construct broke through the window of life.”

We are an accountant and an engineer by training. The complexity and wisdom of life, led us through much trials and tribulations. The journey also led us to understand the magic of the path of balance, trust and self-maintenance. Having a child with Autism, we experience his varied range of sensitivity and behaviours. We ask ourselves how to better help, support and raise our child. We wanted our eldest son to “heal” from autism naturally without all the artificial external inputs that affected him adversely.

Our story

Our son, Nicholas was the root behind our path to Spinal Flow. It was in 2017, that we first met and learnt the way of Spinal Flow from Dr Carli Axford. We were intrigued by the wonderful participatory experience of healing by our own body, through the gentle touch of Spinal Flow. RealEase came into light after a year of insightful learning and practice of the Spinal Flow Technique and modality. The learning journey brought us to meet with the master and other practitioners in the sacred space of Bali. Spinal Flow is not just about the guiding touches to let our body heal through our nervous system. It is a holistic healing process that encompassed our mind, body, emotion and spirit. The wholesomeness in balance is represented in the Spinal Flow of RealEase.


We dream of a day, where a community of collective consciousness exists in our society. One that is loving, accepting and open. A self-supportive eco-system that embodies the holistic nature of healing and wellness. Our cycle will be complete. The community will continue to make great steps to take back our power to self-heal, promote more natural wellness and holistic life. From the crest of the wave, we will watch from afar, knowing that the community will endure and be forever etched in our heart. For now, let’s journey together to a healthy, wholesome life, with ease. Let us unblock our state of mind, for the sea of life to flow through us, as tears would in our dearest times.

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